he hand, suddenly split down, Magento and that hand was shocked to have a machete, this knifed down, if pizhong then die Hsiao tour Half Life was gone But the next moment, it suddenly a machete lag, Xiao trips to two fingers caught. Shaw looked indifferent tour youngest one said give you a chance, you do not youngest forced down by his own knife, but it can not be in the hands of machete goes down a half minutes. Youngest started some fear, he had seen a lot of people, playing ruthless, self mutilation, breaking the head but still dare to kill people and catty liquor. But Magento Certification never seen such a travel Xiao indifference, that indifference feeling is like, kill everyone, as he does not care. Venus Xiao faint opening tour, Venus appears behind Xiao city. Kill all Xiao swim readily release the machete, Magento it exam then grabbed.

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
M70-101 Magento Certified Developer Exam Magento Magento Certified Developer
M70-201 Magento Certified Developer Plus Exam Magento Magento Certified Developer Plus
M70-301 Magento Front End Developer Certification Exam Magento Magento Front End Developers