ear, but Magento Certified Developer it exam this degree Xiao tour, it Magento Certified Developer was simply nothing. It simply as a drink, while drinking, watching modern urban bar. Xiao tour rarely enter such places. Childhood shook his head and said Well, these Yang Wanyi, I m not used to drinking Erguotou might as well drink it Venus was just standing behind Hsiao tour, do not speak nor move. Childhood but found himself read a little of Venus, and the girl started childhood thought she was a girlfriend Xiao tour. But I looked carefully and found that the situation is not like two people look, not at Magento Certification men and women between friends, master and servant but a bit mean. Especially now, behind the one stop travel to Shaw, it is like a bodyguard. And her hand, and indeed like a bodyguard, crisp, obviously has a very strong fighting skills. But, some people would find such a li.

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