ong smiled CISM and said But I still do not understand a bit, the boss doing the shadow people get here, ah, even from a friend, it seems that there is no such. and ah necessary, once the boss of this move, I do not understand, since it is a friend, then why put them up the amount Heshan Ming rolled his eyes and said you silly big, I do not know but simple Isaca Certification when, this time, I am afraid that a test can be considered a. boss heart something that no doubt midnight and Michelle s mind, but, in a sincere people come CISM it exam for help, the boss can not go. otherwise, we lost a lot of clues shadow. but after he returned the man, the boss can not really worry them, in case they are being chased out with, in fact, is the use of shadow and Xiao midnight swim familiar with this, send them in, spying, should do so within, t.

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CISM Certified Information Security Manager Isaca CISM